1270411_10151587324791437_682532153_oGuujaaw is a Raven of the Haida Nation, his clan is the Gakyaals Kiigawaay of Skedans, Haida Gwaii. He has been at the inner circles of Haida culture and politics all of his adult life. A trapper with his uncle in his formative years, and like most of his people, he is a hunter, fisher and food gather for living. He has been a carpenter, canoe builder, copper maker, singer and carver.

Guujaaw has a long history as a Rights, Title and Earth Advocate.  He was a founding member and served as the president of Coastal First Nations and spent many years with the Council of the Haida Nation including 13 years as President of the Haida Nation. Today serving as a Hereditary leader, always true to culture and keeping priority for the wellbeing of his people and the earth.


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Raven Transformation Mask, 2012

Design for Longhouse at Deadtree, 2012

Mamatsigaay, Dragon Fly Print, 2010

T’a Canoe, 2007

Hlkinul Llnagaay – Cumshewa Pole, Skidegate, 2006

Jakarta Totem Pole, Canada gift to Indonesia, 1997

Sea Grizzly Pole, 1993

Skidegate Carving Shed, 1990

Second Long House, Hlk’yah GawGa, Windy Bay, Gwaii Haanas, 1990

3 Longhouses, Taalung Slung, Haida Gwaii, 1988

Longhouse at Kiusta, 1986

The Watchman House, Hlk’yah GawGa, Windy Bay, Gwaii Haanas, painted by Robert Davidson, 1985

Work on Bill Reid’s pieces

Canoe at MOA, 1984

Reverse engineering canoes and building prototype and model for Luu Taas

Raven and the First Men, 1980

Dogfish Pole, 1978

Written Works


Foreword to: Skidegate Haida myths and histories / collected by John R. Swanton ; edited and translated by John Enrico.

Foreword to Haida Gwaii : human history and environment from the time of loon to the time of the iron people / edited by Daryl W. Fedje and Rolf W. Mathewes.

Foreword to: Sea otters of Haida Gwaii : icons in human-ocean relations / N. A. Sloan & Lyle Dick.

Contribution to: That which makes us Haida / photographs by Farah Nosh ; curated by Jusquan Amanda Bedard and Jisgang, Nika Collison ; edited by Scott Steedman and Jisgang, Nika Collison

Contribution to: The Great Canoes: Reviving a Northwest Coast Tradition

Contribution to: Gina ‘Waadluxan Tluu: The Everything Canoe

Contribution to: Global chorus : 365 voices on the future of the planet

Featured in: Islands’ Spirit Rising: Reclaiming the Forests of Haida Gwaii

Featured in: Chronicals of Pride

Featured in: 21 Things You May Not Know About the Indian Act by Robert Joseph


Dance and Ceremony Indonesia, 1997

Taku Dance and Pole Raising in Tsukuba Japan, 1985

Dance in UK, (Year?)

Visit to president of Hungary, 1989

Song and Dance at Kobe Worlds Fair, 1981

Official Travel

Travel to Brazil to support Xingu tribe trying to stop dam development in their territory

Travel to Peru to support Indigenous people fighting pipelines and exploitation

Travel to Hokkaido Japan to support Ainu in their work to stop a dam at Nibutani

Travel to China by invitation of university as they prepared for growing tourism

Travel to Venezuela to support indigenous leaders

Travel to Vancouver Island to support Meares Island and Clayoqot Sound

Travel to Carmana Valley to support efforts

Travel to Stikine to support Sacred headwaters

Travel to Ecuador to support Indigenous people in struggle against oil development

 Positions Held

President of the Haida Nation 2000 to 2013

A founding member of “Island Protection Society” in early seventies

A founding member “Coastal First Nations

A founding member “Island Community Stability Initiative

Contributor to Suzuki Foundation’s Declarations of Interdependence